When you visit us at Grace, we want you to feel like family. That's why we want to give you a personal introduction to members of the Grace family.

Each month we will feature different members of the grace family. Simply hover over the photos to reveal the names and some interesting facts about each member featured. 
  1. Mallory
    Mallory and her husband, Zach, serve as Youth Leaders at Grace Missionary Baptist Church. Mallory coordinates Teen Lock-in, a popular youth revival program, and Teen Devotions, a weekly "safe place" where teens are provided a hot meal and share in spiritual devotions and Christian fellowship.
  2. Skylar & Aloni
    Skylar & Aloni
    Skylar & Aloni serve as Grace's Youth Sunday School teachers. Their passion for Christ is very inspiring.
  3. Deb
    Deb has been a member of the Grace family for several years and serves as Grace's Church Secretary. We don't know what we would do without her!
  4. Rachel
    Rachel has been a member of Grace for a number of years. Rachel is a dedicated, hard worker in the church and often sings as a member of the Praise & Worship team. Rachel also sings in a quartet and performs solos for the glory of the Lord.
  5. Megan
    Megan serves on the Grace Missions Team and has served in Appalachian missions and Guatemala missions. Megan is also a member of the Grace Praise & Worship Team.
  6. Nick
    Nick has been a member of Grace for many years. Nick occasionally preaches Sunday morning and evening services and assists in other capacities as needed.
  7. Paula
    Paula assists with the Sunday School Alternative class as an occasional teacher. Paula has been a member of Grace since 2015.
  8. Zach
    Zach is one of our Youth Ministry leaders. Zach dedicates his time assisting with our Tuesday Night Teen Devotions and our annual Youth Lock-in.
  9. Barb
    Barb is a dedicated member of Grace MBC. Barb participates in many Grace events and functions and loves to serve the Lord.
  10. Julie
    Julie is involved with youth programs at Grace. Julie also assists with other functions such as Building Committee. Julie is always committed and helps out whenever others are in need.
  11. Ashley
    Ashley is a member of Grace and attends regularly. Ashley has an amazing singing voice and her excitement for praising the Lord is contagious.
  12. Melanie
    Melanie is a long-time member of Grace. Melanie is active in church functions and events and loves serving the church. Melanie is a dedicated worker for God.
  13. David
    Dave is a dedicated member of Grace. Dave possesses may handyman and wood crafting skills and loves to put them to work for the church. We are blessed to have so many dedicated workers at Grace.
  14. Sue
    Sue is a long-time member of Grace. Sue serves as Sunday School Secretary, Church Custodian and with Women's Ministry United. Sue is a very hard worker who never misses a service or function.
  15. Ron
    Ron has been a member of Grace for several years and serves as a Senior Deacon. Ron truly loves and lives for the Lord and his love shines through in his singing. Ron's version of "I can only imagine" will bring joy to any heart. Ron is also know as our unofficial Fellowship Breakfast Coordinator.
  16. Leonard
    Leonard is an amazing man of God. Leonard steps in and serves whenever and wherever he is needed and always displays his love for Jesus. Leonard also serves as a Grace Deacon.
  17. Pastor Orbie
    Pastor Orbie
    Grace is certainly blessed to have such a dedicated and fun-loving pastor in Pastor Orbie. Pastor is loved by all, from the youngest to the oldest of members. He has an amazing ability to communicate to people of all ages. Pastor Orbie believes that, for a church to grow, we must invest in our youth. This is a big reason Grace continues to see the Spirit moving in a mighty way.
  18. Darrell
    Darrell is a dedicated member of Grace. Darrell and his wife, Rickie, are involved in many functions and events of the church and never miss a service. Darrell can occasionally be seen narrating programs, such as our Christmas pageant and children's programs. We are thankful to have dedicated people like Darrell.
  19. Wes
    Wes is a very upbeat, fun-loving young man who possesses a true love for Jesus. Wes assists with youth programs and is a great role model for our teens.
  20. Rickie
    Rickie is a very hard worker who works in many areas of the church. Rickie currently serves as Church Treasurer and handles the financial side of church business. We are blessed to have this loving, hard working lady serving at Grace.
  21. Matt
    Matt is a newer face in the Grace family but you wouldn't know that when you see his passion and dedication for serving in the church. We are pleased to have Matt with us, he is a true blessing to the church.
  22. Brandy
    Brandy teaches the children's class and loves to work with her class and the church's nursery. Brandy possesses a love for children, her church and for the Lord.
  23. Michael
    Michael serves as our Associate Pastor at Grace. Michael and his family can be found anytime there is a function or service. Michael also sings and often joins his father, Eugene, for a bluegrass gospel duet.
  24. Brad
    Brad is a dedicated member of Grace and serves as a Senior Deacon. Brad has an infectious personality and possesses a positive, can-do attitude.
  25. Jeanne
    Jeanne recently began attending Grace and has made her mark on service. Jeanne has assisted with church fundraisers and, along with her husband, Matt, is very dedicated to the progress of our building project. Jeanne is a real go-getter who always offers a smile and positive attitude. Jeanne is a multi-talented piano player, cook and tater chip maker.
  26. Penny
    Penny is a loving, hard-working, dedicated member of Grace who participates in so many functions. Penny coordinates the church's van ministry, meals for events, and women's events. We are thankful to have dedicated people like Penny who are the heart of our congregation
  27. Laura
    It would be hard to find anyone with a greater love for children than Laura. Laura is a true light for Jesus and a dedicated member of our church. Laura and her husband, Brad, love to share Jesus with the many children they have fostered in their home. They are a blessing to so many kids and to their church family.